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HI! My name is SnowFlake

I am the Weather Elf at the North Pole.

My forecast for the North Pole is Snow, Snow and more Snow!  
It just started to snow, and I predict it will not stop until Spring.  
The snowflakes are as big as MaClaus's cookies.  
It is a winter wonderland here at the North Pole.  

Santa will be so happy to fly through the snow on Christmas Eve.
Rudolph is preparing to lead Santa trough the snow. 
The elves are shoveling the snow to keep a clear path to the toy shop.

If you have snow were you live, be sure to bundle up.  
Frostbite is not good to have at Christmas Time.
If you have only sunshine were you live, put on your sunscreen.
Sunburn is not good to have at Christmas time.

I need to go check the radar and track the storms.
Enjoy the weather in your area and spread the snowflake cheer!   

Weather Forecast 

and Count Down to Christmas!

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