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Story of Santa Claus  

The Legend of the Candy Cane 



Legend of the Christmas Wreath



The Poinsettia



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Christmas Bells



Meaning of the Snowman



Snow Facts



Did You Know..... Christmas didn't become a Federal Holiday in America until
June 26, 1870 - by President Ulysses S. Grant.

Christmas Celebration's - The earliest Christians believed that celebrating
birthdays was heathen and unholy, but sometime during the fourth century
these attitudes changed.  Because the bible didn't actually specify the date when
Jesus was born, Pope Juleps I of the fourth century designated December 25th
as the official date for the feast of Jesus' nativity. This celebration of Jesus' birth
soon became widespread and touched the hearts of many. The very first
Christmas carols ever written were composed by the Christians of this period.

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