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Hello from Santa!

St. Croix Santa started during the Christmas season of 2000, with my son volunteering me to play Santa for a fundraiser at his school.  My first two shows were done with a borrowed suit and tennis shoes, (as the spats were to small for my big feet).  We had so much fun, we had to do it again.  During the year, the elves (my children), MaClaus (my wife)  and I (Santa) talked and decided to invest in a suit of my own. We worked on a company name, got a suit for myself and started outfits for MaClaus and the elves.  We scheduled some events and .......St. Croix Santa was born.

St. Croix Santa’s mission is to spread cheer in our community, create good family memories, raise 
 funds and collect donations for those in need and to have FUN!  We try to bring as much fun as
can to each of our shows.  We believe that Christmas if for children of all ages, and everyone is 
included in the fun.  When Santa needs help, one of the elves or a helper will accompany him.
They help with picture taking and spreading the cheer of the season. 

MaClaus now stays at the North Pole to watch over the production of the toys.

We believe very much in our community and in 2001 began sponsoring our annual fundraiser for local
organizations.  We could not afford pictures with Santa for our children when they were young.  We 
are determined to not let this happen to other families in our hometown. Therefore, a free picture 
 with Santa is our way of saying "THANK YOU" to all who have helped support us.  May the fun memories 
of the season be cherished for years with the viewing of these photo's.

Well, the trees need to be decorated and the lights and stockings need to be hung.  The toys need to be
painted and the lists need to be checked.
We hope your Holiday
Season is filled with Love, Happiness,
Friends and Family.

May all the joys of the season be yours!


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